We believe OiLEFiN Stuffs have been born naturally to be professional supplier! If you not believe in, just check us.

OiLEFiN supplies specialized equipment & Chemicals, develops engineering solutions for oil and gas, Energy, Chemical and petrochemical companies. OiLEFiN is a young and rapidly growing company having already succeeded in winning unconditional confidence of its Clients.

Today the OiLEFiN represents strong positions in the international market and viable competitive solutions for your business. We specialize in complex production processes components and offer a full range of technologies along with the state-of-the-art equipment.

OiLEFiN will provide you with a full range of services in the field of supplying industrial enterprises with manufacturing equipment, Valves, Control systems, industrial Automations, Pumps and Compressors, electrical devices, measuring devices, spare parts and accessories.


All this is possible by virtue of: selection of ultimate and innovative solutions – our goal is to develop and offer a Client engineering solutions, implementation of which will significantly improve performance and competitiveness of production, at the same time reducing the risks of environmental contamination;

  • long-term partnership relations with equipment manufacturers – for us the most important value in working with a Client is to build long-term partnership relations, improving efficiency and competitiveness of both parties on the basis of mutual benefit;
  • professional supply management – first of all, it is money saved, and strong business relationship with equipment manufacturers helps to reduce the amount of working capital, while maintaining and often improving the level of rendered service;
  • continuous introduction of the newest approaches and methods of effective work.

Innovative solutions are always relevant, because they give a competitive advantage to the companies applying them.

Engineering and technological design – process engineering has a special meaning and is one of the most important stages of engineering systems formation, for the lack of attention to this stage is fraught with serious problems including failures of facilities operation and lack of positive results of work;

Multi-level engineering solutions – original engineering solutions and multi-level quality control sets Industrial Innovative Technologies AG apart from the business rivals;

Installation and commissioning works – an installation provides for all the required range of works performed on the turnkey installation and commissioning of various equipment complex. We do not simply supply the equipment that meets the highest performance and safety requirements – our highly qualified specialists have undergone training directly at the training centers of global manufacturers and have extensive hands-on experience. The Industrial Innovative Technologies AG not only guarantees the reliability of the installed units and mechanisms but also takes the responsibility for engineering solutions, which subsequently compose a well-organized and efficient work of the entire production as a whole;

Works in the field of industrial and technical insulation – with current development of modern production the problems of sustainable use of resources, fuel economy and energy saving are becoming increasingly important. The works are performed on modern mobile equipment, which provides high quality of products. Engineering solutions development and insulation works performance are preceded by an energy audit and a detailed analysis of production and working conditions at the facility conducted by our highly qualified specialists. Selection of materials is carried out with the help of professional programs and design procedures.

Technological processes automation – the level of the modern production development presents rather serious demands to technological processes automation. The computer aided manufacturing (CAM) is a set of hardware and software, the application of which allows the following benefits:

–  Elimination of human factor influence on the process;

–  More efficient use of supplies;

As a result the overall production efficiency increases and the product quality improves.

The Industrial Innovative Technologies AG offers a full cycle solution for technological processes automation – from design to implementation, as well as further support and maintenance.

The Industrial Innovative Technologies AG has been widely recognized as a highly professional, competent and honest business partner. Just send us your request and our engineers will do their best to solve your production problems.

Wide & Powerful


OiLEFiN design supply chain and distribute a comprehensive range of industrial equipment, valves, Instrumentation, Automation and associated equipment to the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power & Utilities industries worldwide


Flowmeter, Sensor, Calibration units, Detector, Analyzer, Alarm, Laboratory tools, Controller & Controls, Measuring Device, Probes, Recorders & parts, Tachometer, Test equipment , Thermometer, Indicator, Gages …


All Control valves type, Actuator, Positioner, Limit switch, Check vlv, Chemical Vlv, Diaphragm, Gate Vlv, Safety Vlv, Solenoid Vlv, Ball Vlv, Butterfly Vlv …


Centrifugal Pump, Circulating Pump, Cooling Sys. Pump, Diaphragm Pump, Process pump, Chemical pump, Motorized Pump, Fire Station Pump, Heat pump, All Spare parts
Rotating equipment, turbines, Air & Gas Compressors with all spare parts


Heat Exchanger, Heaters, Boilers, Burners, Cooling Systems, HVAC, Mixers, Dryers, Evaporators, Dehydrators, Desalinations, Safety Equipment, …


Cutting , Drilling, Converting , Embossing, Engraving, Fabricating, Brazing, Bonding, Forming, Grinding , Injection Molding, Machining, Packing , Painting, Remanufacturing machines and spare parts.


Additives, Absorbents, Agents, Aluminum Compounds, Color & Pigments, Desiccants, Extractors agent, Catalysts, More other special Chemicals from international factories.

You can find some of our range of supply base on BRAND Names.

(We are not agent or distributor of no one of these factories, just we are supplier!)


Here is a brief history of OiLEFiN number of international clients, manufacturer and sources in touch, last year finalized projects and open projects.




At OiLEFiN, we understand the challenges that come with maintaining Turbines, Compressors, pumps, Control Valves and fluid handling equipment. Sourcing OEM parts, especially OEM-quality replacement, is a difficult task to handle alone, but a simple and painless one with us. We maintain an extremely diverse selection of high quality replacement parts on the shelf. Parts we carry vary from routine maintenance parts, including seals, bearings, gaskets, and O-rings, to long-life replacement parts such as impellers, casings, gear sets, sleeves, shafts 7 thousand other parts. In addition, we work closely with our OEM suppliers to ensure that we supply parts for their most popular equipment models.


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